About Vogue Organics

Vogue Organics is a company dedicated to the physical health of people and the physical health of the Earth. We tend to hear “you are what you eat” but at Vogue Organics we like to say “you are what you wear.” Daily we are exposed to multiple chemicals, carcinogens, phosphates, sulphates, etc from the clothes we wear, to the makeup we apply, to the bedding we sleep in, and the list goes on…

The products being sold at Vogue Organics have all been researched so that you the consumer don’t have to wonder and worry about what you are purchasing. All of our products are either certified organic and/or green in nature, meaning they are safe to you and the environment. No matter what your belief system all of us feel some level of responsibility to care for both our bodies and the environment. Here at Vogue Organics it is our number one goal to help you achieve this in your everyday activities.

Check out VO’s “Special Interest & Links” page for more info on the benefits of organic, as well as concerns for harmful ingredients in non-organic products.

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About Our Suppliers

Bambu products are contemporary for the kitchen and home created from renewable materials. Their products are made only from bamboo that is sustainably harvested and free of fertilizers or pesticides. They’re proud to offer the only bamboo products made from Certified Organic bamboo sources. And naturally, they use only water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives. Their manufacturing partners must meet requirements for quality craftsmanship, environmental protection, and acceptable labor practices. Independent auditing firms inspect their manufacturers for worker health and safety and for environmental protection. Bamboo is versatile, sustainable, and renewable; therefore Bambu is great choice for your organic home!

Deep Steep involves two concepts: luxury and integrity. They promise you a retreat from the ordinary and a refreshing level of quality. Deep Steep promises to provide you with the cleanest, purest, most luxurious products in your home without compromise. Since the beginning, Deep Steep has not only been paraben free, but all products are 100% chemical preservative free. There are hundreds of chemical preservatives that manufacturers frequently use in personal care products. Over 25 years of research, Deep Steep’s chemists have successfully developed a 100% NATURAL preservative system that omits all chemical/synthetic preservatives from their formulas. Using their all-natural preservative system, they’ve succeeded in bringing you clean, safe, 100% TRULY Natural products that look, feel, and smell like superior luxury. Also free of synthetic fragrances, cheap detergents (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and any other harmful ingredients (Silicones, Petroleum, Mineral Oil) that can be seen on the labels of many personal care products on the market, Deep Steep products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and integrity. So what is their secret? Like a good sauce, that recipe is proprietary, but they don’t hide anything. All of their ingredients are listed on each product according to FDA registered INCI names, and it is the unique and exact combination of those ingredients that create a hostile environment for nasty little microorganisms to grow. Using this system, ALL of their products pass standardized microbial challenge tests, exceed all FDA regulations, and are guaranteed a healthy 2-year shelf life (but we hope you get a chance to pamper yourself sooner than that!)

Pure Fiber is committed to offering you exceptional products and superior customer service. Their commitment to you begins with the selection of the finest materials, the most skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality control and safety standards. Pure Fiber products are made in a facility that holds the Global Organic Textile Standards and Organic Exchange Certification. With the newest weaving and warping technology at their disposal, their facility is capable of producing 11,500 kg per day of products in various weight and designs. Using new German and Belgium air jet technology, their equipment is more energy efficient than the traditional loom. The equipment’s capability for fast and accurate loop formation enables them to decrease wastage while increasing quality and durability. Their German designed Eco-Master Fabric dying machine allows them to reduce both their energy consumption as well as dye consumption, all while maintaining a high quality standard on color. Throughout the finishing stages, their quality control experts examine and test the products to ensure a consistency of softness, absorbency and durability. Pure Fiber understands its responsibility to both society and environment. They do their part for the Earth by choosing all natural and recycle materials for our products. However, Pure Fiber does not stop there. All their decisions are made in mind with the environmental impact to the Earth. They are constantly researching eco-friendly technologies and finding new innovative manufacturing methods in order to reduce energy and water consumption.Their energy efficient machines and reactive dyes ensure that each step of the process has a minimal effect on the Earth, making their footstep on the Earth as light as possible. Also, in an effort to reduce waste, their seconds that don’t meet the high Pure Fiber Standards are collected rather than tossed away. These seconds are then donate to the needy in their local communities and charities. They believe that the environment and people are interconnected and positively correlated, so when one does well so does the other.