About Vogue Organics

Vogue Organics is a company dedicated to the physical health of people and the physical health of the Earth. We tend to hear “you are what you eat” but at Vogue Organics we like to say “you are what you wear.” Daily we are exposed to multiple chemicals, carcinogens, phosphates, sulphates, etc from the clothes we wear, to the makeup we apply, to the bedding we sleep in, and the list goes on…

The products being sold at Vogue Organics have all been researched so that you the consumer don’t have to wonder and worry about what you are purchasing. All of our products are either certified organic and/or green in nature, meaning they are safe to you and the environment. No matter what your belief system all of us feel some level of responsibility to care for both our bodies and the environment. Here at Vogue Organics it is our number one goal to help you achieve this in your everyday activities.

Check out VO’s “Special Interest & Links” page for more info on the benefits of organic, as well as concerns for harmful ingredients in non-organic products.

There is a lot of concern around parabens. I believe everyting in moderation to be a good rule. Some of the preservatives out there claiming to be ‘organic’ or natural can be in fact worse off than a small amount of paraben as they can go bad which ends up badly. Please refer to this excellent resource : http://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/myths/_/parabens-are-they-really-a-problem . If you have any further questions or concerns please ask!!!


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